How to become a partner

The PhD Business for Society promotes a strict relationship with companies, organizations, and institutions to favors innovative knowledge creation and exchange in the field of management.

Companies can be involved in three ways. 

Financing of a PhD scholarship

  • Funding for a three-year course of study for a PhD student

  • Selection of the candidate for possible placement in the company
  • PhD Executive - Participation of an employee in the doctoral program

  • Selection of an employee who is interested and has the right profile for the PhD

  • The first year dedicated to participation in the program and the last two years for carrying out the project in the company
  • Corporate / planning testimonial

  • Participation in the PhD as a guest speaker/lecturer to share their experience on issues related to the PhD

  • Construction of simulations / projects to be carried out by companies during the PhD

    For the first two, the signing of a letter of intent and subsequently of an agreement is required.

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