Our Vision

The world of business and management is undergoing rapid and profound changes. Theories, practices and strategies that worked well in the past, apparently are no longer useful nowadays. Thus, managers, institutional leaders, and policy makers  face novel situations and challenges without historical precedent, which demand greater understanding in terms of theories, methods and approaches.

The PhD program in “Business for Society” is an integrated work and research program for those who are oriented towards making a significant contribution to the field of strategic management, innovation, and social responsibility.


The program is designed to advance the theoretical and professional development of students in the business arena by extending their management knowledge, equipping them with broad research and process management skills, and enabling them to make a key leadership contribution to their chosen research fields. Graduates of the program will have extended knowledge of emerging business and management ideas and deeper understanding of their relevance to applied business settings. 

The key characteristics of the PhD in Business for society are: multidisciplinarity, flexibility, and internationality.

Interdisciplinarity is ensured by a faculty made up of scholars belonging to multiple disciplines and by a teaching activity focused mainly on the methods and nature of the phenomena subject of study rather than on specific disciplinary approaches. 

Flexibility, instead, is guaranteed not only by respect for the specific research and professional interests of candidates, but also by the continuous encouragement to pursue these interests, drawing on all useful disciplinary “knowledge”. The PhD program is in fact designed so that, while providing candidates with a common set of knowledge, skills and competences necessary to carry out qualified research activities, allows them to follow personalized study and research paths.

Candidates will also gain a global perspective with faculty members from prestigious foreign universities. The program is taught in English and students are encouraged to spend one or more semesters abroad, visiting other highly ranked universities or highly qualified research institutions.

The PhD Business for Society has developed a number of Executive PhD positions bridging the gap between the academic and business worlds.