II year

Curriculum “Management of institutions and international organization”

European institutions and multi-level Governance

The course analyzes the multi-level governance within the EU, the Member States, and the regional and local authorities, focusing on the economic and financial area, taking into account technological innovation. This course also intends to analyze the development and implementation of the "Next Generation EU" program from a multi-level perspective.
Hours: 40| Credits: 5

Management of public institutions

The course aims to understand the role and functioning of public institutions for the market and personal services; to understand the financial constraint applying to all public institutions; to reflect on the innovation connected to digitalization and the specific competences necessary to provide services for society.
Hours: 40| Credits: 5

Impact/ Policy evaluation techniques

The course provides students with a core set of causal inference tools for social science research. At the end of the course, participants should be able to understand critical points of scientific empirical articles and to start performing their own analysis using the tools illustrated. The emphasis will be on the practical implementation of each approach.
Hours: 40| Credits: 5

Curriculum “Strategic management of innovation in companies and no-profit organizations”

Marketing strategy and consumer behavior

The course aims to understand the marketing challenges faced by companies and the foundations of the marketing concept, to examine the latest marketing trends and creative marketing approaches, to develop a digital marketing and communication strategy to integrate theoretical contributions with case studies. It reviews all the main areas of application of consumer psychology to marketing strategy. Moreover, it explores the main theories and methodologies for the explanation and the prediction of consumer choices, preferences and behaviours. Finally, it discusses innovation in consumer research, emerging interdisciplinary approaches and latest business cases.
Hours: 36| Credits: 5

Management and service design

The course aims to provide an in-depth insight in designing, managing and delivering quality services (tools and strategies that address these challenges). It also develop an understanding of the “state of the art” service management thinking and promote a customer service-oriented thinking.
Hours: 36| Credits: 5

New Venture Management

The course aims to get the hang of the field of entrepreneurship research, theories and practices, to provide insights about how to launch and manage a new venture, to plan new venture process, financing and growth.
Hours: 36| Credits: 5