Internationalization & employability

The PhD programme on Business for Society has many international links with world renowned scholars and institutions. The International Faculty includes scholars affiliated to top universities in several disciplines such as management and organization studies, economic law, finance, economics, and public administration. 

The PhD programme promotes active participation to academic societies and favors visiting research opportunities across Europe and the entire world. The high internationalization of the PhD exchanges enhances the international profile of our PhD candidates and supports their competitiveness in the job market.  In this respect, the very nature of the PhD programme allows a constant link with businesses, public and third sector organizations committed to business for society. Several training initiatives such as labs, applied workshops and internships are also available to deliver professional competencies according to the latest market demand and to strengthen the continuous fruitful dialogue between academia and society.


While our primary intention is providing graduates with a strong theoretical and methodological background to enter the world of academia, their research topics are also directly relevant for businesses, public, third sector organizations and politics. The program indeed is designed to train students to develop solutions to complex problems and to develop social and conceptual skills to manage different types of economic activities. In particular, the following opportunities are open to those completing the Ph.D. program:

  • highly qualified personnel in research and training institutions
  • professionals in leading management and strategic consulting firms
  • high level professional roles in national (ministries, regulatory authorities, local public institutions) and international (EIB, IMF, World Bank, European Commission, European Central Bank) public institutions with a focus on project management and monitoring; policy intervention design and policy evaluation
  • managerial roles in multinational companies, mainly in departments dealing with R&D, human resources, corporate social responsibility, investor and external relations, marketing and communication
  • entrepreneurs or highly qualified personnel in innovative start-ups, social businesses, and benefit corporations
  • high level professional roles in NGOs operating in Italy or abroad in different context, mainly as project designers, project managers and evaluators, as well as project and scenario analysts